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Integritas Global Consultancy has now completed it’s sale negotiations with consumable forensic equipment provider SceneSafe who, as part of their growth strategy, intend to continue providing world-leading, accredited training and consultancy services for criminal investigation professionals in police services, government organisations and commercial operations. The team comprises an impressive mix of high-achieving academics and esteemed former military and police professionals, each passionate about their field of expertise. Along with unparalleled experience in global operations, high-threat environments and investigating major crime, the team share a common mindset, a strong set of ethics and integrity.

Our Courses

SceneSafe have reviewed and updated IGC’s training programme and have attained Skills for Justice (SfJ) accreditation for the delivery of CSI training.

Courses include Crime Scene Investigation (Stage 1 & 2), Crime Scene Manager and Crime Scene Co-ordinator. It is our intention to build on the existing range of SfJ accredited courses.

In addition to the courses above, SceneSafe will be able to assist with any bespoke training requirements for any specialist forensic disciplines.  

Why Use Us

SceneSafe are committed to serving the individual needs of its wide client base. We understand that each client is unique, and we therefore adapt our methods to create bespoke training. With the growing reliance on distance learning, we have developed Virtual Learning Environments to support a blended learning approach. Far from being just a training provider, SceneSafe calls upon its vast professional and expert knowledge to deliver a comprehensive range of consultancy and investigation services.

SFJ Awards Approved Centre

SceneSafe are the only UK company to attain Skills for Justice (SFJ) Awards accreditation for the delivery of CSI training, which it delivers to UK and international police and other government agencies. SceneSafe adopts a systems approach to training which can be adapted to the unique requirements of clients around the globe to deliver forensic training or basic, intermediate and advanced police training. These courses also adhere to the SFJ Awards Accredited Learning Professionally (ALP framework, a process that assures quality and accredits successful candidates).

What is SFJ Awards?

SFJ Awards customised awards scheme has been designed to support the many organisations who devise their own high quality learning programmes that are not part of the national Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

The ALP service recognises, quality assures and certificates such learning programmes and has been designed to accredit individuals who have completed the structured learning and demonstrated achievement of specific learning outcomes.

By working with SFJ Awards, organisations can develop and implement learning programmes that adhere to a recognised quality assurance process. This results in a quality tailored training programme that remains the intellectual property of the organisation that has developed it, as well as providing increased confidence in the learning programme and ensuring learners have the right skills to do their jobs with proficiency.

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