Angela Doyle

Forensic Trainer and Consultant

Angela is an experienced former Crime Scene Investigator; Crime Scene Manager and Crime Scene Coordinator.  With over 20 years experience as a Crime Scene Investigator with in Merseyside Police, of which 6 years were spent as a Senior Crime Scene Investigator. Angela has accrued a wealth of experience and is highly proficient in all aspects of crime scene investigation, training and people management.  A qualified teacher; she delivered training and competency testing for crime scene investigation at the UK College of Policing (CoP) and has a firm understanding of the varied requirements and methodologies proportionate to the crime under investigation and how to communicate this to a student audience. Throughout her tenure with the CoP, she was instrumental in the formulation and delivery of training to a wide range of law enforcement professional including Uniformed Officers; Criminal Investigators; Crime Scene Investigators; Crime Scene Managers; Coordinators; Forensic Laboratory Officers; Footwear Officers; Forensic Medical Examiners; Cadets; Prison service; UK Military; Ministry of Interior and more.  In addition to the UK training base she has formulated and delivered training projects to Officers in the Middle East and South America where she has demonstrable proficiency in project management and evidence-based feedback.  Moreover, her flexible decision making, critical thinking and communicative skills afforded her the ability to overcome cultural barriers in the delivery of training to Saudi Arabian students.  With additional qualifications and experience as a Family Liaison Officer, she has more recently assisted victims and families of the Grenfell Tower disaster.