We provide a complete case review capability. In the absence of any pre-determined and directed terms of reference, the purpose of a case review typically involves the examination of investigative actions, identifying missed opportunities or unexploited lines of enquiry. Case reviews also highlight the general standard of evidence necessary to counter external scrutiny or criticism and allows for informed conclusions to be made by senior management. This is achieved through the examination of investigative material and often via verbal accounts from key investigative staff.  

It is also worthy of note that whilst reviews are not time constricted and may take place after the conclusion of an investigation, there are obvious benefits to conducting live case reviews prior to closure. From a commercial perspective, a case review can assist in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the investigative process and where good practice is identified it will afford assurance to respective clients. 

Conversely, where shortfalls are identified it will lead to a review of current policy and framework and will also assist in identifying future training requirements of those who are tasked with conducting such enquiries; in turn this will mitigate reputational risk and strengthen client assurance in the service provided. 

We have the capability to conduct investigations globally, in all environments providing a cradle to grave investigative capability, we also provide real-time investigative direction and advice 24/7/365 days a year to organisations until our investigators are able to assume primacy of the enquiry.

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