Crime Scene Investigation - Stage 1 Course


This four-week course is accredited by SFJ Awards Accredited Learning Professionally.

The course is aimed at the foundation level skills required of a Volume Crime Scene Investigator (VCSI) dealing predominantly with volume crime or more serious and complex scenes under supervision.  The course is delivered through the application of practical exercises and assessments and classroom based lessons which encompass a range of scene examination techniques; the student will also be introduced to all relevant CSI skills and several specialist areas by relevant subject matter experts.  The following modules will be covered:

  • Introduction to the Police Service and the different roles.
  • Photography.
  • Introduction to forensic sciences.
  • Packaging evidence, anti-contamination and continuity.
  • Recovery of trace evidence.
  • Scene approach and search methods
  • Forensic strategies
  • Health and safety and risk assessments
  • Forensic reporting including Streamlined Forensic Reporting
  • Statement writing.
  • Fingerprinting.
  • National Decision Model.
  • Cognitive bias on decision making.
  • Crime scene to court room and presentation of evidence.

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