Crime Scene Investigation - Stage 2 Course


This three week course is suitable for experienced Volume Crime Scene Investigators (VCSI) who have completed a Stage 1 Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Course, have completed their portfolio and have received a recommendation for the advanced Stage 2 training by their force. The aim of the course is to train and qualify VCSI in advanced CSI skills that can be utilised in the examination of serious and complex crime scenes. The following modules will be covered:

  • Introduction to Serious and Major Crime and the role of a CSI.
  • Role of the SIO including a case study.
  • Digital crime scenes.
  • Bomb scene management.
  • Suicide, Murder, H&S Executive and SUDI.
  • Post Mortem Examination including attendance at a PME.
  • Sexual Offences and Forensic Medical Examination with a visit to a SARC.
  • Advanced photography.
  • Briefing skills.
  • Body Recovery at scene.
  • Cadaver Identification.
  • Subject Matter Experts and additional evidence types.
  • Firearm Investigations.

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