Allowing a well-intentioned amateur to conduct an ‘initial investigation’ of any media which is believed to contain evidence of wrongdoing has the potential to undermine any formal investigation.  Accordingly, our highly experienced ex-military and law enforcement digital forensic experts conduct your enquiry to empower you or your organisation to receive a tailored service whether it be intelligence gathering or a complex case. 

From mobile phones to corporate servers our forensic consultants can provide onsite or field-based data extractions, whether covert or overt, domestically or internationally. Our cyber forensic capabilities include but not limited to open source intelligence, employee investigations, forensic website capture and reputation services. 

Adherence to both Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) now National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) Guidelines for Digital Evidence and the Forensic Science Regulator’s (FSR) Code of Conduct and Code of practice is at the core of every investigation. 

Our expertly trained staff and Quality Assurance (BS EN ISO 9001) accreditation ensure robust evidential standards and working practises are maintained.

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