Digital Forensics Training


The Internet is unbelievably a commonly overlooked investigative resource. With the world of publically available information at anyone’s fingertips, understanding and discovering the information you require for your investigation is fast becoming an essential attribute for the modern investigator.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Essentials

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Essentials is a 2 day course that has been formulated to provide students with the necessary skills and techniques in order to utilise the internet as an indispensable exploration and investigative instrument.

Features of the course include:

  • fully aware of the relative legal implications
  • appreciate the impact footprint online exploration leaves
  • configure a computer and web browser for OSINT work
  • formulate comprehensive search strategies
  • conduct effective searches of the Surface Web
  • awareness of non-standard potential sources of information
  • analysis and reporting techniques

OSINT Intermediate

The OSINT Intermediate is a 3-day training course that has been formulated to build on the baseline knowledge obtained in the OSINT Essentials Course. This course provides students with additional searching and reporting resources and techniques in order to maximise the Internet as an indispensable investigative instrument.

Features of the course include:

  • methods to enhance the OSINT mindset
  • cryptocurrencies (bitcoin)
  • OSINT mining from online trading websites
  • applying social engineering techniques to OSINT
  • utilising open source graphical reporting tools
  • forensic acquisition of websites
  • Non-standard data mining techniques
  • Client customisable OSINT content

Crime Scene Manager Course

This two-week course is suitable for Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) who have demonstrated competence in fulfilling that role in an operational environment and possess the skills, knowledge and experience to take the forensic lead in complex and high-profile investigations.  Their attendance on this training should be supported by their line manager and Scientific Support Manager and there will also be a requirement for the candidate to have an in-force mentor identified before attending the course.

The course will be delivered by classroom-based sessions including presentations by numerous expert speakers. The course also includes a summative exam, a one-day crime scene practical assessment and a one-day Hydra immersive learning exercise delivered in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth.

A broad overview of the areas covered during the course are as follows:

  • The role and responsibilities of the CSM
  • The Major Investigation Team
  • National Decision Model and risk management
  • Cognitive bias
  • Leadership styles
  • Negotiating and influencing
  • Scene strategy, identifying, agreeing and recording priorities
  • Legal powers and organisational requirements, including authorisations
  • Managing the scene examination
  • Overview of ISO 17020 compliance
  • Health and safety at crime scenes and risk assessments
  • Role of the SIO and the investigative process of major crime
  • Role of forensic specialists and their working relationship with the CSM
  • Forensic pathology and injury classification, death investigation and neck compression deaths
  • Forensic taphonomy, archaeology and botany (including archaeological excavation)
  • Digital forensics – recognition of forensic opportunities and risks at crime scenes

OSINT Advanced

The OSINT Advanced course is a 2-day training course that has been designed to develop on the knowledge obtained in the Essentials and Intermediate Courses.  The course will provide students with the latest techniques to explore and exploit all areas of the internet, including the DarkWeb as an investigative instrument.

Features of the course include:

  • Understand the infrastructure and operation of encrypted browsers such as TOR and I2P
  • What is the DarkWeb and how does it work
  • Pointers and Indexes for the DarkWeb
  • How to effectively search the DarkWeb
  • Tradecraft with DarkWeb
  • Open source graphical reporting tools
  • Advanced analysis and reporting techniques