Dr Jonathan Brooks

Director of Forensic Training

Dr Jonathon Brooks completed his bachelor’s science degree in Forensic Science at Teesside University, where he undertook his dissertation in conjunction with Durham Police Dog Unit – investigating the chemical odour profile of blood in the intent to improve the accuracy and efficiency of blood detection dogs. He then went onto complete his doctorate in Chemistry (with forensic applications) from the University of Leicester, investigating the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) expelled from and around decomposing specimens, in the intent of developing greater training aids for cadaver dogs as well as the creation of a more accurate method of determining post-mortem interval (PMI). During his PhD, he lectured at numerous universities both nationally and internationally in specialist forensic subjects (forensic taphonomy), but also around the presence of specialist forensics at scenes of crime. Jonathon delivers specialist forensic capabilities around the search and recovery of human remains, which include the delivery of training and consultancy to law enforcement agencies both to UK home office and international law enforcement agencies. This includes; forensic medicine, forensic taphonomy, forensic archaeology and forensic anthropology.  As the Director of Forensic Training Jonathon manages the research aspects of the company, collaborating and communicating with universities and forensic institutions worldwide to develop a world class research centre. This research fuels the training of policing staff, crime scene investigators and forensic practitioners to ensure that quality and effective training is delivered.