Forensic Trainer and Consultant

Mark is an highly experienced forensic botanist and a subject matter expert of the plant life of Britain and Europe, museum curation and the use of botanical collections in forensics, climate change research and the history of botany. He has held key positions with the Natural History Museum, London, and for the past decade has also worked on a wide range of serious and complex major crime investigations, advising Senior Investigating Officers on the full spectrum of forensic botany techniques and the identification, analysis and interpretation of botanical evidence to aid the investigation. Concurrently, Mark utilises his extensive skills and experience as a trainer and lecturer to educate varied audiences on behalf of the Field Studies Council, The Arts Society and many other organisations and is also committed to mentoring and supporting students and volunteers in their studies. This deep-rooted and lifelong passion for plants ensures that Mark remains current in all aspects of forensic botany, and is involved in wider projects and initiatives. He is the Botanical Society of the British Isles vice-county recorder for Middlesex, the Vascular Plant Recorder for the London Natural History Society and is the honorary curator of the Linnaean and J.E. Smith herbariums at the Linnean Society of London.