GPR, 3D imaging, Lidar and Thermal imagining (either via drone or other devices)

Forensic geophysical techniques offer a more accurate approach to the search and recovery of evidence, clandestine/unmarked graves, missing persons and other forensically significant targets. These techniques use a variety of physical methods such as thermal and electromagnetic properties to measure possible anomalies in top surface and subsurface areas. Geophysical techniques can also be used to further map targeted areas. The flexibility and range of these techniques give them the unique possibility of being adjusted in order to be site and case specific. Recent developments have given way to the possibility of combining these geophysical techniques with drone technology. By creating geophysical sensors based on the original techniques we reduce the time strain and possible destructive qualities of the current methods and create the possibility of real-time data directly available at the site or case-specific area. These new developments allow for the assessment of larger search areas, less contamination and destruction from the method itself and have the extra advantage of real-time data with the possibility of on-site analysis increase the likelihood of a target area. 

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