George Freeman

Quality Assurance Manager

George Freeman has completed 42 years of service in the UK Armed Forces predominantly as a Police Officer; stationed at military establishments in the UK and overseas. Following completion of CID training in 1992, he joined the Special Investigations Branch (SIB) where his predominant focus was the investigation of major and serious crimes within the military environment. He qualified as a Crime Scene Investigator in 2004 and became a Crime Scene Manager in 2007 whereupon he assumed the role as the senior CSM for the Royal Navy.  He left the SIB in 2017 having obtained considerable experience throughout this period and has managed, coordinated and directed multiple CSI in countless investigations globally as well as creating and delivering forensic awareness training and forensic continuous professional development training.  Following his time in the SIB he joined the Tri-Service Police ISO 17020 / 17025 team where he completed the ISO 17020 and ISO 17025 Internal Auditors Course. This coupled with his vast experience within crime scene investigation enabled him to assist the team with the development of policies, procedures and Standard Operating Procedures for the Scientific Support Hubs to work toward UKAS accreditation.  During his time here George also assisted with cold case reviews of major and serious crimes.  On retirement from the military earlier this year George has assumed the role of Quality Assurance Manager where he will play a crucial role in the company by ensuring that our training and consultancy services meet the highest standards of acceptability.  In doing so he will play a key role in the planning, direction and coordination of our quality assurance programs and formulate quality control policies.