Investigation and Management of Incidents


We provide a range of services to assist our clients in the management and conduct of serious and complex investigations and cases intended for action in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings.  This includes the forensic exploitation of scenes and the subsequent production of investigation reports that provide pertinent recommendations to prevent recurrence and maintain operational capability.

We have the capability to conduct investigations globally, including considerable experience of operating in the maritime environment, particularly in the investigation of maritime incidents.  In addition to providing a cradle to grave investigative capability, we also provide real-time investigative direction and advice 24/7/365 to organisations until our investigators are able to assume primacy of the enquiry.

Allowing a well-intentioned amateur to conduct an ‘initial investigation’ of any media which is believed to contain evidence of wrongdoing has the potential to undermine any formal investigation.  Accordingly, our highly experienced ex-military and law enforcement digital forensic experts conduct your enquiry to empower you or your organisation to receive a tailored service whether it be intelligence gathering or a complex case.

From mobile phones to corporate servers our forensic consultants can provide onsite or field-based data extractions, whether covert or overt, domestically or internationally. Our cyber forensic capabilities include but not limited to open source intelligence, employee investigations, forensic website capture and reputation services.

Adherence to both Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) now National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) Guidelines for Digital Evidence and the Forensic Science Regulator’s (FSR) Code of Conduct and Code of practice is at the core of every investigation.

Our expertly trained staff and Quality Assurance (BS EN ISO 9001) accreditation ensure robust evidential standards and working practises are maintained.

We provide a complete case review capability. In the absence of any pre-determined and directed terms of reference, the purpose of a case review typically involves the examination of investigative actions, missed opportunities or unexploited lines of enquiry. Case reviews also highlight the general standard of evidence necessary to counter external scrutiny or criticism and allows for informed conclusions to be made by senior management. This is achieved through the examination of investigative material and often via verbal accounts from key investigative staff.

It is also worthy of note that whilst reviews are not time constricted and may take place after the conclusion of an investigation, there are obvious benefits to conducting live case reviews prior to closure. From a commercial perspective, a case review can assist in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the investigative process and where good practice is identified it will afford assurance to respective clients.

Conversely, where shortfalls are identified it will lead to a review of current policy and framework and will also assist in identifying future training requirements of those who are tasked with conducting such enquiries; in turn this will mitigate reputational risk and strengthen client assurance in the service provided.

With professionally qualified and experienced social workers, counsellors and therapists, IGC can afford appropriate and confidential support to personnel either through self-referral as a client or on behalf of other organisations.

Whether in person, via telephone or video conferencing, IGC delivers a considerate and compassionate support service; ensuring that the individual’s expectations are managed, that they are fully apprised of developments and are correctly referred to other support agencies as required.