Investigative Interviewing Training


Investigative interviewing is an essential aspect of the investigative process for police officers, loss prevention agents, detectives or other investigators.

As most information comes from people; it is necessary to have knowledge and proficiency interviewing. We provide a range of courses from basic, intermediate and advanced.

Investigative Interviewing Course - Tier 1

This 5 day course provides the essential learning in relation to the PEACE Model which allows for the effective management of interviewing at lower levels of investigation and develops questioning styles, giving the self-confidence to interview independently. Successful completion of this course will provide students with the necessary knowledge and skill to undertake volume crime investigations (in policing terms, patrol officers).

Investigative Interviewing Course - Tier 2

This 10 day course, provides the cognitive approach and management of the conversation model. You will plan and prepare for the interview by using appropriate resources to develop an interview strategy, assess the ‘suspect’s’ fitness for the interview and deal with prepared statements and ‘no comment’ interviews.

You will learn to evaluate the interview (including your own performance) and take or recommend any necessary further action. Successful completion of this course will provide students with the necessary knowledge and skill to conduct serious investigations (in policing terms for example, CID officers and others in specific investigative roles).

Investigative Interviewing Course - Tier 3

This 15 days course, is for those investigators who are already Tier 2 trained and are working within or are about to work within a specialist area of work, e.g. financial investigations, complex investigations, sexual offences, serious injury and/or fatalities.

Students will be required to review information and developments within the investigation and assess the evidence in preparation for planning complex interviews with the ‘suspect(s)’, whilst taking account of their demeanour.

Students will develop their capability to prepare comprehensive interview strategies and conduct thorough interviews utilising all relevant resources.

Students will further develop interview evaluation to determine what further action is required, and conduct briefs to summarise the interview(s) and identify further lines of enquiry.