John Ayres

Forensic Trainer and Consultant

John has worked in forensic investigation since 1992 both in the UK and in international projects, accordingly he has considerable experience in a wide variety of forensic disciplines but is passionate about crime scene analysis and fingerprints. Following an initial 5 period as a fingerprint expert at New Scotland Yard, John progressed into crime examination with Hampshire Constabulary and Greater Manchester, developing his skills and experience over a 12 year period before qualifying as a crime scene manager where he led on countless major and complex crime scenes relating to terrorism and homicide. In addition to his UK background John has gained significant experience in numerous long-term overseas projects in Iraq, Nigeria, the Gambia and Libya where amongst other things he was responsible for forensic course design, delivery and mentoring; and also equipment design, procurement and budgetary management for overseas clients and the host nation law enforcement agencies. His most notable achievements were in Iraq where he effectively laid the foundation and developed an effective CSI and multi-disciplinary forensic capability within the Basra region over an almost 3 year period and concurrently advised high ranking law officials on forensic investigation. Additionally, John has designed and delivered CSI and forensic training on governmental projects around the globe including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, South America, Yemen and Tajikstan. John is committed to maintaining currency and his forensic expertise and actively seeks further opportunities to develop his skills and impart this knowledge within the forensic community.