We deliver bespoke experiential leadership and talent programmes to the only maritime company in the world listed in the S&P 500 and FTSE 100 indices, with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 100% and IGC as a company currently have a NPS of 83%.

The programme is delivered to their identified talent from ship and shore at the Director and Senior Manager level. Key to our methodology is understanding and working collaboratively with our client to deliver a training solution that achieves their desired outcome.


The IGC Leadership and Talent Development Programme has a number of elements, all designed to stretch and develop different areas to strengthen the delegates development.

Delegates participating in this training programme, who have been identified as having high potential from both ship and shore positions at the Senior Manager and Director level, will have been asked to identify their strengths and areas for development.  The activities will give them opportunities to demonstrate their ability as a leader and team member.

They will be accompanied throughout by umpires who will observe their interactions with their colleagues, and designated leader; to identify behaviours that may be seen as overdone strengths which can derail the overall objectives and have a detrimental effect.

The IGC Leadership and Talent Development Programme is a 2-day residential experiential development workshop whose overall objectives are:

  • Strategic communication and planning
  • The use of direct and indirect communication styles
  • Building a team including a virtual team
  • Working across different areas of business
  • Understanding self: areas of strength, development and derailers
  • Building Individual Development Plans (IDP)

The strategic communication exercise is a whole team activity with one objective utilising 2 groups.  This is of particular importance when working within their own specialisation and not considering or communicating effectively with other areas of the organisation.  The exercise will enable delegates to demonstrate their abilities to effectively plan, communicate and evaluate whilst under stretch and with hard deadlines.

The practical leadership training will give each delegate the opportunity to lead their group in a leadership task.  This will require them to effectively communicate the aims and objectives of the task, identify strengths within the group and to encourage full engagement.

Full day activity in and around the clients chosen location.  This will require them to strategically plan their day, and how best to communicate throughout the activity.  At specific points, they will be faced with a challenge, this challenge will affect their strategic plan and the facilitators will be on hand to offer ‘real time’ feedback to support their development.  Understanding how to cope and deal with unexpected changes to the plan will support the concept of being an agile leader.

On completion of the activities, the delegates will have an audience with a member of the shore Executive Leadership Team (President or direct reports) to hear the organisations latest hot topics.  In the evening after dinner, they will pair up with their peer mentor, share learnings from the day and start working on what they want to achieve through their IDP.

The morning session is consolidating the learning, developing their IDP and enabling them to reflect on how they will embed the learnings into their current role by making them relevant to their workplace environment.  Where possible, a member of the ship based Senior Leadership Team will also visit to discuss challenges at sea.

The afternoon is focused on completing a number of activities, requiring delegates to develop and execute a plan of action.  The facilitators will be on hand to offer ‘real time’ feedback to support their development.  If they are able to see the impact of their actions they are in a better place to either continue or change those actions to enhance the performance of themselves and their team whilst identifying potential derailers.

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