Who Are We?

SceneSafe (previously a trading division of the UK Home Office Forensic Science Service until its acquisition by private investors in 2013) is founded on strong values and the key principles of integrity, dedication, professionalism and adaptability.  Staffed by academics and former military and law enforcement professionals with experience in global operations, high threat environments and major crime, SceneSafe deliver exceptional services that are uniquely developed and delivered around the client’s operating environment and needs.  SceneSafe are a Skills for Justice (SFJ) Awards Approved Centre that delivers accredited crime scene investigation and forensic training, specialist investigation training and also provides quality management and consultancy services.

Moreover, we are only staffed by like-minded professionals who are equally passionate about their respective fields of expertise which ensures continual excellence in the services that we deliver.  The establishment and maintenance of enduring client and partner company relationships is also a core tenet of the SceneSafe ethos and we are continually seeking innovative development opportunities that are mutually beneficial to all.


Integrity, professionalism and adaptability are core tenants by which SceneSafe conducts its business. We are committed to building enduring relationships with clients through the delivery of specialist services. As a company, we believe in providing our clients with absolute discretion. In our partner companies who provide second and third line support we require similar business ethics and standards to ensure peace of mind and assurance to our client base.

Training Accreditation

SceneSafe are the only UK company to attain Skills for Justice (SFJ) Awards accreditation for the delivery of crime scene investigation which it delivers to UK and International Police and other government agencies at various locations around the UK. We adopt a systems approach to training and can be adapted to the unique requirements of international clients around the globe to deliver forensic training or basic, intermediate and advanced police training. These courses also adhere to the SFJ Awards Accrediting Learning Professionally (ALP) framework, a process that quality assures and certificates the training and accredits individuals who have attained the professional learning outcomes and requisite level of proficiency.

Training Design and Delivery

As part of its commitment to flexible verifiable learning SceneSafe has developed a capability in the creation, maintenance and hosting of Virtual Learning Environments (VLE).  This affords a blended approach of practical and technologically enhanced environments which gives students greater control over the time, place and pace of learning. Moreover, the VLE affords the ability to track a student’s progress and commitment to the training, thereby allowing detailed reports to be submitted to the sponsor who can thus have greater certainty of actual competence levels achieved by each student in each learning area. This enables continuity with skills development plans for each individual back in the workplace.  Additionally, SceneSafe also has the capability to design and create eLearning content either as independent training or as part of a blended learning pathway.



SceneSafe are accredited to ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001:2014 Environmental Management Standard. These standards are an assurance that we are managing the risks effecting all areas of our business which naturally extends to clients, suppliers, authorities, and shareholders. Continued monitoring of the current and emerging risks is undertaken and control measures are put in place to avoid the risk or mitigate to the lowest threshold.

Health and Safety

We have effective and efficient Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Management Systems.  They are a vital element of our business; the systems and resolute attention to compliance are inextricably linked with efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Data Protection

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for compliance with the UK Data Protection Act and protection of our personnel’s personal information and are compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Team

Mitch Youngman

Chief Executive

Mitch has over 28 years of demonstrable experience working in law enforcement on a global platform; he is an accomplished investigator and has commanded policing and specialist investigative organisations at the tactical, operational and strategic levels.

Dr Jonathan Brooks

Director of Forensic Training

Dr Jonathon Brooks completed his bachelor’s science degree in Forensic Science at Teesside University, where he undertook his dissertation in conjunction with Durham Police Dog Unit – investigating the chemical odour profile of blood…

Len Wassell

Head of Investigation Services

An expert investigator and Senior Leader with experience across investigations, intelligence, insider threat, leadership, and management. Len served over 38 years in the Royal Military Police predominately with the Special Investigation Branch.

Dr Iain Lightfoot

Chief Learning Officer

An expert in personal and professional change, our Chief Learning Officer served 25 years in the UK Armed Forces both as a Weapon Engineer and Training Management Officer. Since leaving the service, Iain has firmly established himself as…

George Freeman

Quality Assurance Manager

George Freeman has completed 44 years of service in the UK Armed Forces predominantly as a Police Officer; stationed at military establishments in the UK and overseas. Following completion of CID training in 1992, he joined the Special Investigations Branch (SIB) where…

Dr Samuel Rennie

Forensic Consultant and Trainer

Samuel Rennie is a Biological and Forensic Anthropologist with interests in Disaster Victim Identification (DVI). He completed his PhD in Biological/Physical Anthropology in 2018 at the Research…

Dr Mark Spencer

Forensic Consultant and Trainer

Mark is an highly experienced forensic botanist and a subject matter expert of the plant life of Britain and Europe, museum curation and the use of botanical collections in forensics, climate change research and the history…

Craig Huldie

Forensic Consultant and Trainer

Craig has 29 years’ operational experience within the forensic departments of large metropolitan police forces. During this time, he achieved the rank of depot Supervisor and accrued a wealth of management and…

Angela Doyle

Forensic Consultant and Trainer

Angela is an experienced former Crime Scene Investigator; Crime Scene Manager and Crime Scene Coordinator. With over 20 years experience as a Crime Scene Investigator with in Merseyside Police, of which…


Forensic Consultant and Trainer

Andrew has been engaged with the military and police for over 39 years, serving in the Royal Air Force, UK National Police and Abu Dhabi Police. During this time, he fulfilled many operational and training roles working in…


Forensic Consultant and Trainer

Louise has a degree in Biotechnology specialising in Toxicology and DNA from Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, as well as a Masters in Forensic Archeology and…


Forensic Consultant and Trainer

Benedict is a forensic archaeologist based in the UK and The Netherlands. He holds a Bachelors degree with honours in Archaeology and a Masters of Science degree in Forensic Archaeological Science.


Forensic Consultant and Trainer

Søren has over 33 years experience within the Police Scientific Support arena. Commencing as a fingerprint officer with Greater Manchester Police he subsequently qualified as an operational CSI with West Mercia Police and then…


Forensic Consultant and Trainer

Richard is an experienced facilitator, coach and mentor with natural ability to engage audiences of any size. He is passionate about the development of others and is committed to the delivery of first-class training…