Originally a trading division of the UK Home Office Forensic Science Service (FSS) to deliver a robust, quality evidence recovery system, SceneSafe have evolved to offer a well-rounded and innovative collection of forensic solutions. Made up of a number of wider business functions, SceneSafe have identified a unique service to its customers bypassing the need for multiple service operators encompassing many areas of crime scene investigation from one key supplier. SceneSafe are ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 18385 Forensics accredited.

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Jardine and Wassell

Established in 2019, Jardine & Wassell provides expert advice and services to organisations and businesses to counter insider threat and the complete range of the investigative risk. With over 40 years of experience in military, police, government and commercial environments Jardine & Wassell can adapt and deliver holistic to meet whatever the threat or risk.

CopperTree Forensics 

Available through SceneSafe; CopperTree Forensics are market leaders in design and build of new generation LED and hand held LASER light sources, for crime scene and labs. They cement this expertise through an ongoing programme of testing, trials, feedback and collaboration with UK Police and Forensic Service providers, the experts in front line crime scene investigation.  We have partnered with CopperTree Forensics because they are leading the way in this area of expertise and thus have supreme confidence in using their light sources within our CSI training programmes to Home Office Police Forces and other Policing Agencies.

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Loci Forensics B.V 

One of the most common evidence associated with violent crimes is blood. The interpretation of these bloodstains and patterns, by trained experts, can provides key information about the blood shedding event that took place on the crime scene.  For more than a decade Loci Forensics B.V. has delivered different levels of training in bloodstain pattern analysis and visualisation of blood to a wide range of law enforcement professionals including crime scene investigators, forensic laboratory officer, forensic medical doctors, judges and lawyers of over 30 countries.  We have partnered with Loci Forensics because there is absolute synergy in the mutual services we provide to the forensic community.  That and our shared desire to impart our collective skills, knowledge and experience to those that want to become practitioners makes us a perfect fit.

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Forensics Connect 

Forensics Connect was established in 2017 with its core element to bring together forensic experts in a wide range of specialisms. The fundamentals of the company were to explore and understand forensic taphonomy and in turn the post mortem interval (PMI) using forensic chemistry in ways that had not been utilised before. The company also aimed to dispel the misconceptions and limited understanding that was had when hearing of forensic taphonomy and how it related to investigations in a huge array of contexts and situations. Coupled with this, the methods of searching and locating deceased, or remains, from a wide variety of incidents using multiple techniques and specialists aided by forensic chemistry was also looked at so at to optimise searching techniques. We have partnered with Forensics Connect because they easily set themselves apart from others in this arena and we will be working with them to develop Continuing Professional Development programmes

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Fusion Forensics

Originally formed in 2003, Fusion Forensics quickly established itself as one of the UK’s leading digital forensic suppliers.  Since then, Fusion Forensics has continued to develop new services to meet both the advances in technology and the ever changing requirements of our customers, expanding their capabilities into cyber investigations and regulatory compliance. With Fusion’s consultants originating from varied respected backgrounds, including cyber & digital forensic investigations, law enforcement and military professional standards and compliance, you can be assured of a specialised service from a straight talking, experienced and pragmatic professional. IGC have partnered with Fusion Forensics because they are extremely professional in everything they do and are exceptionally qualified and experienced in delivering the operational capability that we require

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