The course is delivered in the following modules;

  1. Photography – Accurate photography provides the framework that enables successful surveillance and effective intelligence gathering from a target building or person.
  2. Surveillance – Designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required in planning and managing tactical surveillance procedures.
  3. Hostile Reconnaissance – Time spent in hostile reconnaissance (HR) will generally outstrip the time on physical penetration by 10 to 1. The success of any attack comes from thorough planning and detailed rehearsals. The student will be taught both overt and covert (day and night) approaches for gaining access to a building.
  4. Behavioural Awareness and Avoiding Detection – The student will be taught the psychology behind certain behaviours and the associated body language. This will give an understanding of the environment the surveillance operator is working in and how to blend in with the baseline.

On completion of each module, a real-life Physical Penetration Test will be conducted enabling the student to practice the learning from each of the modules.

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