Specialist Investigation Training

Investigative Interviewing Training

Investigative interviewing is an essential aspect of the investigative process for police officers, loss prevention agents, detectives or other investigators. As most information comes from people; it is necessary to have knowledge and proficiency interviewing. We provide a range of courses from basic, intermediate and advanced.

Investigation and Court Room Training

We provide training aimed at personnel who are charged with the investigation of offences that may lead to internal discipline, industrial tribunal or court. The courses aim to provide delegates with the necessary knowledge of relevant legislation and the most effective skills to safely conduct an investigation, potentially leading to successful prosecution.

Financial Investigation Training

We provide a range of training that equips students with the necessary knowledge of relevant legislation to ensure compliance with the mandatory requirements of the specific Acts whilst also giving investigators a greater understanding of the Proceeds of Crime Act and how it can be practically utilised to combat financial crime. Additionally, our Financial Intelligence Courses are essential for those involved in financial investigations.


The Internet is unbelievably a commonly overlooked investigative resource. With the world of publically available information at anyone’s fingertips, understanding and discovering the information you require for your investigation is fast becoming an essential attribute for the modern investigator.

Cyber Training

We are able to provide training courses on various aspects of cyber security that will ensure an organisation’s security. Our team hold a variety of CESG CHECK and CREST certifications.

Surveillance Training

We provide a range of courses that are aimed at those individuals or organisations who utilise (or seek to utilise) covert investigation techniques. The courses ensure that all those involved in the investigative process and the gathering of evidence through surveillance techniques remain compliant with the legislation whilst producing safe evidence for the judicial process.

Conflict Managment and Physical Intervention Training

We provide a range of training that provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct conflict resolution, whether that be verbally or physically.